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Are Tablets Helping or Hurting Students?

Posted by Donald Miller
In recent years, the number of students using tablets for their studies has ballooned. With laptops becoming increasingly expensive for parents to purchase, many students have instead opted for the cheaper and easier-to-manage tablet format. Although these devices can be extremely useful for students in terms of providing them with access to educational apps, online research tools, and libraries of books and articles, there are drawbacks that must be considered. Not only have some researchers suggested that tablets can be distractions from school work due to the wide array of entertainment options they offer, but they can also create digital clutter since it is far too easy to download one app after another without organization. The advent of student work scanners for teachers may help bridge this divide by helping teachers more easily collect and organize class assignments digitally while limiting opportunities for distraction. To Know More, Visit:
Posted December 13, 2022 - Filed in Education
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