Terms of Service

Truxgo Terms of Service are based in users trust, global privacy rules and startups needs. Having an account, using or login to our platform automatically determines that you agree to all the terms mentioned below.

Truxgo Social Network is created for helping startups to share their business and products allowing to link between each other in order to have new sales and support place.

Clients will be held responsible for any or all actions performed by their account whether done by the account holder or by others.


Truxgo has not control about the information shared in this social network, users are free to talk, share and post.

We do not monitor users due to privacy terms.

About abuse reports, there's a community team that can report this to our CERT in order to take an action.


If you are interested to buy, talk or meet a person please try to follow the next statements:

1.- Try to talk with someone you really know.
2.- Check if the website and offer is legitimate.
3.- Check for the product or service references.
4.- If you have a meeting, try to do it in a public place.
5.- Report Scam
6.- Report any incident.

Truxgo is not responsible of any action or consequence caused by any user. Please take care of you!


What you can do:
1.- You can post your services or products as many times as you need.
2.- You can share your webiste links (url) as many times as you need.
3.- You can use the chat for selling, support or any other use.

What you can't do:
1.- You can't send private chats offering your products or services many times, this affect users privacy and they can report it as spam.
2.- You can't post products or offers into users profiles or personal posts, this is considered as space invasion and they can report it as spam.
3.- You can't post or write your website links (url) into users profiles or personal posts, this is considered as space invasion and they can report it as spam.


If you get spam reports our CERT Team will review the case and if its true we can block temporarily your account.


1.- Child pornography
2.- Guns offers
3.- Drugs offers
4.- Hacking offers
5.- Scam
6.- Phishing Websites

If you offer, sale or give a service about any of these products, your account will be blocked.

Last update, February 14th 2020.