Privacy Statement

Truxgo Privacy Statement is based in users trust and global privacy rules. Having an account, using or login to our platform deserves the right that you are agree to this statement.

1) Users (You) will be held responsible for any information shared in the platform.

2) Truxgo employees do not know, see or monitor any information shared in the Social Network (

3) Truxgo support team won't monitor your activities, our commitment is the privacy, we trust on you and we hope you don't do any illegal activities.

4) If we get any abuse report from the community about you, our CERT Team will be authorized to work with the case and will check your account if this abuse report is valid for any penalty.

5) The information sent directly to our support team will be used for:
---> a) Support cases
---> b) Any purchase
---> c) Payment confirmation
---> d) Product cancelation

Last update, February 14th 2020.