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Epicor WMS software is built with the needs of fulfillment service providers in mind, while also providing core functionality required for general warehouse management operations. This core functionality includes inventory control, task and load management, multi-channel order processing, and kitting. The Epicor warehouse management system is part of a larger suite of supply chain management applications that encompasses customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain execution. Epicor WMS has its handheld inventory management hardware, but the software can also integrate with technology from other vendors. As part of the wider supply chain management suite, users of Epicor can expect to handle purchasing, suppliers, and requirements planning and other features not usually found in a typical WMS. Epicor WMS Features: - Barcoding/Serial Tracking - Cross Docking - Inventory Management - Kitting - Order Management - Part Tracking - Picking & Packing - Real-Time Data - Receiving & Putaway - Reporting & Analytics - Returns/Recalls For Joining training batches, please feel free to call or email us. Email: saurabh@proexcellency.com, info@proexcellency.com Call or WhatsApp: +91- 9008906809, 9148251978 Landline: 08041506795 Website: www.proexcellency.com
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