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Posted by Rahul Pattanayak
The IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System is specially tailored to manage operations in a mid-sized, finished goods distribution center (DC). Shipments may be shipped to consumers, retailers, or distributors. The key problems solved by IBM Sterling Warehouse Management Systems are shipment consolidation or transportation optimization, customer compliance, productivity, and space optimization. The IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System is designed to manage fulfillment and distribution across a network of facilities, including regional distribution centers, master distribution centers, fulfillment centers, stockrooms, plant warehouses, repair centers, and more. With its high degree of reconfigurability and service-oriented architecture, IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System enables responsive customer fulfillment, improved operational efficiency, greater flexibility for growth, and ultimately, a lower total cost of ownership in large-scale and complex fulfillment environments. IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System enables you to: - Make better decisions by automating business processes - Reduce time-to-market by reacting quickly to market changes - Increase revenue through effective collaboration Features and functionality of IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System: - Networked Solution - Multi-Enterprise Management - Process-Centric - Comprehensive Product Management - Complete Visibility - Vendor Performance - Radio Frequency Identification Enabled - Optimized Operations For Joining IBM Sterling WMS batches, please feel free to call or email us. Email:, Phone: +91- 9008906809, 08041506795 Website:
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