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Posted by Rahul Pattanayak
Simple Finance is an ERP financial software that runs on SAP HANA's in-memory platform which, allows users to run real-time reports on operational and financial data. Like other products on the HANA platform, the data is stored and processed in memory so you can analyze data quickly with few constraints. SAP Simple Finance (S/4 HANA Finance) is one of the important modules to manage SAP Finance and Accounting powered by SAP HANA. It is used to perform financial operations and accounting in real-time and reporting using BI tools. SAP Simple Finance helps analyze the financial conditions of an organization in the market. Using SAP Simple Finance, organizations can use it to forecast, plan, and budget as an ongoing process. With the use of Predictive Analysis, you can forecast the impact of business decisions on the financial reports of the organization. Advantages of Simple Finance: 1. Being a sap Hana-based platform, sap s/4hana finance allows organizations to move from batch to real-time oriented processes. 2. Being a Universal journal for both financial and management accounting allows organizations to have the same level of date data access for all their apps. 3. Better business insights with no data duplicating and aggregations. 4. With s/4hana finance, you can get real-time insights on transactional, historical, and present data. 5. predictive insights with advanced technologies like IoT, and machine learning. 6. Disruption-free transitions. 7. Consolidate your finances. 8. consistent for on-premise and cloud. 9. global coverage 10. consumer-grade user experience. For Joining training batches, please feel free to call or email us. Email: , Phone: +91-9148251978, +91-8041506795 Website:
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