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What are Latest Fashion Trends in Clothing for Pregnant Women?

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    Pregnancy is a time to cherish. Before the baby comes along and your life changes forever, enjoy this phase. And while you enjoy being pregnant and flaunt your adorable baby bump, don’t forget to stay fashionable.

    Yes, ladies, today we talk about the latest fashion trends for pregnant women! With an amazing collection of maternity clothes that you can also wear after childbirth, these clothes are going to make you feel your pregnant best!

    1. Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole

    Camisoles never go out of style. These versatile garments can be worn when you want to layer clothes with a shirt, a jacket, or both! Camisoles are also great for wearing as a tank top during the summers. The Ellie Cruz nursing camisoles come in a variety of solid colours. You can pair them with your favourite mummy jeans or shorts, and you are hood to go!

    Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole

    When you are lounging at home during the hot weather and a nursing bralette feels too revealing, the Ellie Cruz nursing camisole comes to the rescue. This camisole has an inbuilt bra, so you don’t necessarily have to wear a nursing bra underneath. Also, the comfortable fabric is light on the skin, making you feel relaxed. The drop-down nursing access is very convenient for breastfeeding once you give birth.

    1. Hensley Crew Pregnancy Tee

    This one is a wardrobe essential. The Hensley Crew pregnancy tee, made from breathable and soft rayon are perfect for wearing all day long. The simple design with a crew neck and short sleeves looks effortlessly fashionable. Pair it with your favourite pair of bottoms and you cannot go wrong.

    Hensley Crew Pregnancy Tee

    For pregnant women with a growing bump, the Hensley Crew pregnancy tee is the perfect choice because of the stretchable fabric with elastane blend. It comfortably stretches over the baby bump. The tee also comes with a stylish flap that you can lift up for discreet nursing access once the baby is here.

    1. Sydney Nursing Midi Dress

    If you are looking for something elegant and classy to wear during pregnancy, the Sydney Nursing Midi Dress is your best bet. The classic striped design and the relaxed fit will make you want to wear this dress again and again.

    Sydney Nursing Midi Dress

    The cut and design of the dress are simple with a round neck and elbow-length sleeves. It has concealed zippers on the side to help you breastfeed comfortably after you have given birth. All in all, this midi dress is a must-buy for pregnant women.  

    Pairing Fashionable Maternity Wear with the Right Undergarments

    When you wear our top picks for fashionable maternity clothes, don’t forget about wearing the right undergarments. Wearing a comfortable nursing bra is recommended for pregnant women so that their breasts receive enough support. A bra such as the Love, Juliette Nursing bralette will not only make you feel comfortable but will also make you feel great.


    When pregnant, your regular pair of panties might not give you the right level of comfort. The waistband might feel tight around the bump. And if you choose to wear the panties below the bump, you don’t get a snug fit.

    This is why, the Avery Dove maternity panties were designed to give you a relaxed, yet comfortable fit even when you have a growing baby bump. It has a soft waistband that comfortably lies below the bump. The V-shaped waistband gives the perfect fit without being too tight. And the beautiful lace all over will keep you feeling like the stylish fashionista you are!

    So, mummies, keep rocking your pregnancy with beautiful clothes. Wear these when you are going out or even when all you want to do is relax at home! Have a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy!

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