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Pregnancy Fashion Tips 2022: What, Why, and Where?

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    Shopping for maternity clothes is easy once you know the What, Why, and Where to shop cool maternity wear or motherhood clothes in 2022. Here are our tips to make your shopping easy, fun, and convenient.

    What to Buy?

    When it comes to buying new maternity clothes, there are an overwhelming number of options available. Here’s what you will really need.

    1. Nursing Bras

    Nursing bras are absolutely important to give optimum support to your breasts whether you are pregnant or already breastfeeding. The best maternity and nursing bra will be useful during pregnancy and beyond. Go for padded nursing bras for more comfort and to avoid nipple show.

    2. Maternity Underwear

    Maternity underwear is designed especially for pregnant women and new mothers. The elastic band is not tight and sits under the baby bump. If you deliver via C-section, this underwear is designed in such a way that the waistband is below the incision.

    3. Maternity Dresses

    Maternity dresses look great when you have a growing bump, and they are convenient, too. After you have the baby, the discrete nursing access helps you breastfeed on the go.

    4. Maternity Sleepwear

    Sleep is very important whether you are pregnant or a new mother. It helps your body rest and rejuvenates. Getting yourself maternity sleepwear will keep you comfortable at night and improve sleep quality.

    5. Best Nursing Breast Pads

    A nursing pad is a small pad made from fabric and some other materials that are safe for the skin. This pad is placed over the breasts under a bra. Best nursing breast pads act as a protective layer over the nipples and absorb any leakages from the breasts. The breast pads can give some additional support to breasts especially when the breast skin becomes loose during nursing.

    WHY buy?

    Some women might think that shopping for maternity clothes is not useful. However, once you get some new maternity clothes, you will see for yourself what a huge difference they make to your comfort. Here are the top reasons why buying cool maternity wear is good for you.

    1. Especially designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    2. Breathable, soft fabrics that keep you cool, literally.
    3. Gentle and safe for the mother as well as the baby.
    4. Convenient for moving around, doing chores, and sleeping in.
    5. Keeps you looking great with a flattering fit.
    6. Gives your breasts and bump support.

    WHERE to buy?

    Shopping for maternity clothes online in Singapore is very easy. Plenty of brands that focus on maternity wear is available in the market today. If you are a busy mother and going out shopping seems like too much work, online stores are a great option, too.

    If buying new maternity clothes online, choose stores that have ample variety and are known for good quality. Do check the returns and exchanges policy and online reviews to get an idea about their offerings.

    One of the most trusted online stores that stand out for their cool maternity wear all over Singapore is Lovemère. They have a good variety of modern maternity clothes and use high-quality fabric and designing techniques to bring you awesome maternity wear.