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Boys can not refuse the 7 kinds of girls pampering behavior!

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    One: gently pull the corner of the boyfriend's coat

    Boyfriend walking in front, you walk in the back, gently holding his corner, there is a "little sparrow" want to seek protection of the feeling.

    In fact, the boys also like this image of themselves, in the eyes of the girls formed a sense of self-importance tall impression, they are happy to protect their girlfriends in this way.

    Two: when the separation, showing a look of reluctance

    After watching the movie, boyfriend sent you to the dormitory floor, waving goodbye to you, at this time if you show a little bit of reluctant expression, will certainly make him instantly heartbroken. He must silently feel that the original position in your heart so important.

    Three: dating dinner, feed him to eat

    When you are eating with great pleasure, you suddenly feed him a bite of rice, will certainly give him a surprise, but also a kind of care for boyfriend exclusive to girls. This act, should be able to envy the people at the next table.

    Four: sneeze, make a lovely "ha qiu" sound

    If you sneeze with a "haqiu" sound, to the boys will feel a little different, think you are very cute, especially in the winter, they think you have a cold, will be fondly consoled.

    Five: when you wake up, like a cat rubbing eyes

    The girls who have had cats should understand this action very well, and people who like animals understand how cute and shy this action looks.

    Six: when walking, fingers hooked fingers holding

    If you hook your middle finger with each other, such hand holding is not a kind of as if the feeling of separation? If you do not pay attention, you may let go, so this handholding is very test of mutual understanding.

    Seven: when angry, beep small mouth

    Imagine that you are angry, you doodling little mouth, pretend to be angry with him, but nothing to say, is staring at him.

    When he noticed you, you pretend that tears are coming out of the look, I'm afraid that this time he will not be indifferent to it, but also will not be able to help but run over to comfort you.

    The girl's churlish pity, the boy will naturally flow dad to his daughter's kind of instinctive subconscious, especially want to love and care for them.

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