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How to get into the heart of a girl? How many guys are still "g

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    1. to "no attempt" as the basis, to go to the girl good.

    The boys want to be good to a girl, the primary premise is: do not have too strong a sense of need, do not have too strong attempts.

    The girl is not stupid, if you are good to her, the purpose is too obvious, then, she will be "your good" on the rejection, which will make you lose more than you gain. If, around you, there is a person who is very good to you, he is to flatter you, want to get some benefits from you, then such a person, you will not feel very disgusted?

    2. give the girl what she really needs.

    Give the girl what she really needs, so that for her, is to give her a kind of help, the purpose is not strong. If a girl obviously does not like a certain thing, and you think she will like, hard to give her, for her, you are ulterior motives.

    3. "There is a reason" to be good to girls.

    If two people's feelings do not reach a certain level, for no reason to girls good, is a "no good" behavior.

    There is no free lunch, this truth everyone knows, do not think girls silly, to know that the overall emotional intelligence of girls than boys high.

    So, before you want to be good to girls, think of a good reason. For example, you want to send a girl a gift, you can say to the girl, is to thank her for helping you last time.

    Good for girls, and not only will be warm and fuzzy, flowers, buy dinner. The girl is on vacation, uncomfortable, bad mood, you have been about the girl to go out to the movies, the girl will feel very annoyed, she needs you to chat with her, relieve her emotions, the best is to help her alleviate the pain, rather than go out to the movies.

    4. to meet the girl's "emotional needs", is really good for girls.

    When the boy can meet a girl's "emotional needs", she will feel that the boy understands her, in his side will feel very comfortable.

    If, when she is unhappy, you can make her happy; when she is sad, you can help her to relieve the sadness; when she does not feel safe, give her enough to guard.

    In short, the girl in terms of emotional needs which appease, you try to meet her, so that the girl will be more likely to move on you.

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