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How to make your girlfriend happy? Get the right way!

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    One, if she said good night to you in advance today, then you may be a little drummed up in your mind, you want to return a good night, it would be a big mistake. The right approach is, you sleep so early today, it's okay, you are not feeling well ah. I also want to say that I will talk to you, you are not happy words with me, oh, to remember to carry out appropriate care for him, it is best to remember is not her physiological period.

    Second, if she quarrels with you, do not do anything, immediately apologize.

    Girls are very emotional, you want to say I was wrong, want to drink what, I should not quarrel with you, you do not get angry, okay, you care about me, that no matter how difficult, how unreasonable she is, this moment you have to carry the pot on their own, and so he sobered up after, he will recognize their mistakes, then afterwards he will be a different way to compensate you.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what to do.

    If your girlfriend is jealous, you still have to reason with him, you are a fool, you should tell your girlfriend yourself, please reassure him, and then to the object of his jealousy said, sorry, I do not like you I only like so-and-so, said after immediately go home and girlfriend to chat.

    Four, if the girlfriend said to show love.

    Then please send in the circle of friends not group photos, leave your comments under each of his circle of friends, he each ait you content please you well back to repeat, please do not care about the mood of those single dogs ah, dog food please directly spread out, we want to pamper girlfriend pampering to make people jealous and jealous of the pride.

    Five, if your girlfriend tells you to stay away from him.

    The girl's nerves are 10,000 times more sensitive than usual when she is angry, and if this time the tone of voice or tone of voice is a little strange, it will be to the bad side to think, thus creating a misunderstanding.

    Six, if you think he is angry because of other things are very sad, then this time please give him a hug, a warm and long hug. Because the hug is the only one can heart to heart to do the action, hug her, gently pat her back, tell her that everything will be okay, let her feel that you are always her rely.

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