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Multi Disc Screw Press for Municipal Wastewater Sludge Plants

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    Municipal sludge is a by-product of urban sewage treatment. With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase in population, the discharge of sewage is increasing day by day. This generates a large amount of sludge that needs to be treated. At present, the main treatment methods for sludge in urban sewage treatment plants include gravity concentration, conditioning, centrifuge dehydration, etc. The generated mud cake is transported out for subsequent disposal, such as incineration, landfill, etc. However, the treatment efficiency is low, the cost is high, and the effect needs to be further improved.

    At the same time, at least 14% of the sludge has not been effectively treated. Sludge dewatering is an important part of sludge treatment, and its dewatering effect directly affects the subsequent treatment and disposal process of sludge. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop efficient sludge dewatering technology.

    Apoaqua conducts research on problems such as low municipal sludge treatment efficiency and high sludge moisture content. Based on this, we developed a new multi disc screw press. Improve the dewatering performance of sludge, dewater the concentrated sludge, and build a high-efficiency sludge dewatering system to improve the treatment efficiency of municipal sludge.

    Sludge Multi Disc Screw Press Advantage

    Widely applicable. Able to treat municipal sludge of various properties, such as industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, etc.

    Efficient dehydration. multi disc screw press uses a unique structural design and operating principle. It can efficiently remove water from sludge and has a good dehydration effect.

    Automatic operation. It can realize automatic control, reduce manual operation, and improve operation efficiency and stability.

    The multi plate screw press has a compact structure, occupies a small area and saves space.

    Easy maintenance. The equipment is relatively simple to maintain and easy to operate and manage.

    Energy saving and environmental protection. The energy consumption is low during operation, the environmental impact is small, and it meets the environmental protection requirements.

    When choosing a multi plate screw press, you also need to consider factors such as the equipment’s processing capacity, operating costs, and reliability. To ensure that it can meet the actual needs of the sewage treatment plant. At the same time, the operating parameters should be reasonably adjusted according to the characteristics of the sludge. To achieve the best dehydration effect.

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