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All About Making Up With Your Girlfriend Who’s Mad At You

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    Take it from a girl, if you have had a bad argument with your girlfriend, come what may, you have to go a long way to make things right with her. Although such ups and downs are normal in a relationship. You can’t deny the fact that a lot needs to be done to keep it intact. Yes guys, girls might be silly, sensitive and overly emotional. That doesn’t mean you should disregard their feelings and let them be. That’s never the solution to the problem. 


    I still remember my last big fight with my boyfriend. Our relationship almost came to a breakup. I fumed for days over it but once he took me aboard one of the spectacular dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour–his big surprise for me, things got back to normal. So that’s what it takes, a little effort to show you care. 


    If you have hurt your sweetheart in a teeny weeny way, here are some ways to make amends: 


    Be patient enough to give her some alone time 


    The first step of making up with her, is not to just go out there, talk to her, pamper her and apologise in an instant, thinking that the argument will be resolved in a second. Ask her if she needs space and some time to talk it out? If she asks for the former, be patient and give her a breather. She will probably need some alone time to vent out her anger. Your girlfriend will probably throw things, use pillows as a punching bag, scream her heart out etc. You have to allow her to take off the steam. Whenever she is ready to talk, be all ears. 


    Pamper her with love, gifts and surprises


    Yes the most important part, let her feel loved. Don’t hold back on sweet hugs and kisses. Even a hold of the hand means a lot. These expressions of love make them feel special. Pair your expressions of love with lovely gifts and surprises. Girls love it if you go out of your way to give gifts or surprise them. You can go for dinner dates as well. A boat dinner on Sydney Harbour can be an exceptional venue. Owing to my experience I can certainly vouch that all can be well with your girlfriend once aboard this dinner cruise that offers breathtaking views of the harbour attractions and magnificent waterfront dining ambience. 


    Bring out your humorous side, make her laugh


    Sweep your girl off her feet with your humour and charm. Everyone has a humorous side, so bring it out and be the reason for her laugh. It’s ok to act like a joker just to bring that smile on her face with your gestures and funny one-liners. Better still. Recall a funny moment or incident in the past, that is sure to work like magic. On the other hand, there is a slight chance that your jokes might not work and instead irritate her. In that case, don’t push it too far. Let it go. Just try to make her smile. 

    Don’t let your ego come in between 


    Everything said and done, she might be expecting an apology from you. There is a common saying that even if it’s the girls fault in an argument, the guys still have to apologise in a relationship. Sounds unfair and I personally wouldn’t side with that. Apologise only if you are the reason for her being hurt. Men usually feel egoistic about saying sorry even if it’s their mistake. If you want to keep up your relationship, you need to learn to own up to your faults. That’s when your partner will realise your sincerity, honesty and care involved in the relationship. 


    Nothing and no-one is perfect, not even a relationship. We have to do what we can to make it the best. So go ahead, apply these tips and make up with your sweetheart without further thought.

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