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Sydney’s Most Romantic Venues to Propose on Valentine’s Day

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    14th Feb – the day love-struck couples enter a world splashed with red hearts and roses. Age no bar, everyone is out there planning to surprise, gift or propose to their love in different ways. But dinner dates at cliche venues, movies and gifting chocolates have definitely become unexciting options. Your bae probably expects you to take that extra effort to make him/her special on this day. 


    Besides a mere declaration of love, if you have decided to take the plunge and pop the “Will you marry me?” question in Sydney, then this blog is just for you. Here are some unique and romantic venues you can consider for that special moment.


    Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises on Sydney Harbour


    Imagine. She is strolling the decks of one of the romantic dinner cruises in Sydneytaking in the beauty of the harbour, with a smile on her face. The ambience doesn’t get more romantic than the beautiful night sky, calm waters, dazzling city lights, spectacular harbour attractions and a magnificent dining cruise experience. 


    That’s when her Prince Charming (that’s you, of course) gets on bended knee and pops the million-dollar question with a gorgeous ring in hand! It’s the perfect venue to whisper sweet nothings to each other with drinks in hand. Enjoy your romantic dinner as you discuss your future together. What’s more? Iconic attractions like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge would make a perfect backdrop for your memorable ‘couple’ moments. 


    Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises are operated on different types of cruising vessels such as authentic paddlewheeler, premium glass boat and modern catamaran. They have attractive inclusions well worth a special evening with your love. 


    Ferris Wheel at Luna Park 


    So, you want to blend some thrill with romance? Well, then take her to Luna Park and get  on the Ferris Wheel. This ride looks down on the citylights from 40 metres in the air and glitters with colourful lights at night. Better still! Enjoy the iconic views of the Harbour Bridge. 


    Make it even more romantic by requesting a solo ride with your love, without her knowledge. Just as she is all laughs, enjoying the fun ride with the wonderful night ambience, you should pop the unexpected question. It's a magical venue to propose and that magic is sure to work on her. 


    You could even take her to one of the fabulous restaurants at Luna Park that have amazing dining options. 


    Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour


    Want to propose at a venue that is surrounded by serenity, nature and beauty? Residing secretly at the southern end of Darling Harbour is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Hand-in-hand tread serene pathways and pop the question as you take in the exotic plants, blooming flowers and the lake of shimmering Koi. 


    For those opposites who have been attracted to each other, here comes the best part. The Garden follows the Taoist principles of ‘Yin-Yang’ – that means two opposite characteristics can exist in harmony and complement each other – making it one of the ideal venues to propose. 


    If you don’t want to pop the question at the garden, take her to a romantic dinner at the Chinese restaurant in the garden premises. When the ambience is filled with the music of cellos and violins, surprise her with your romantic gesture. 


    I would encourage the gals out there too, to take the first step to propose to your special one at these very special venues; or if you’re not there yet, simply try your hand at those three magical words. Go on, create a mindblowing Valentine’s Day this year! 

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