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Patient Success Stories with Single Sitting RCTs

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    Suffering from tooth Pain? Chances are you need a Root canal Treatment for your affected tooth/teeth. Root Canal Treatment is a form of micro-surgery of tooth wherein the nerves from the tooth are removed, the cavity is cleaned and shaped and then filled with a biocompatible and inert material.

    Root Canal Treatment
    Common myths associated with root canal Treatment

    Whether people know what actually a root canal treatment is or not but they surely have heard that it is a very painful treatment requiring multiple sittings/visits to a dental office.

    This used to be the case decades ago. Thanks to advances in modern dental technology. Root Canals performed today are totally painless and almost 98% of them are completed as a single sitting rct procedure.

    Single sitting root canal treatment cost

    Another major concern is the cost associated with the procedure. Single sitting RCT’s requires the use of multiple modern gadgets- rotary files, apex locator, RVG and even laser just to name a few. However, the usage of these gadgets not only shorten the treatment time but also have raised the success rate of the procedure significantly. However, all this comes at a price. The cost of single sitting RCT is definitely a bit more but the extra comfort and time saving completely justifies the slight increase in cost.

    If you are searching for “painless root Canal treatment near me”, Dr Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi is the place to go. Equipped with the latest and the best in dentistry and riding on the trust of thousands of patients, you can be assured of being in the best hands. The best infrastructure couples with the expertise and experience of our clinicians, will make your dental treatment a pleasurable experience.

    Source: https://drgargdentalclinicdelhi.wordpress.com/2023/04/19/patient-success-stories-with-single-sitting-rcts/

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