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Rhinoplasty 101: The Basics Of Getting A Nose Job

  • Despite the widespread appeal of rhinoplasty or nose job, this complex surgery typically comes with uncertainties. The surgical technique for nose reshaping is an efficient process that produces natural-looking results and an easier recovery. Rhinoplasty, performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, is a safe and worthwhile procedure that leaves patients happy with their new appearance.


    A primary motive for most people considering a nose job is because they do not like something about their nose. Moreover, it has an excellent aesthetic result. Rhinoplasty surgery can, at the same time, improve the nose's primary function. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic or medical change in your appearance, a nose job is a complex procedure that takes years of practice.


    You can feel apprehensive about getting rhinoplasty when you don't know much about it. To relieve some of those worries, here are some vital things to consider before talking to your doctor. The article covers "what is rhinoplasty?", an ideal candidate for surgery, procedure, recovery, and rhinoplasty cost



    What is Rhinoplasty?


    Often called a nose job, rhinoplasty is an operation that alters the shape of your nose to make it look neater and more symmetrical than before. The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the function and aesthetic appeal of one's nose, so you can breathe easier without having trouble breathing. Rhinoplasty could also fix abnormalities in your nasal structure, such as a deviated septum. 


    Rhinoplasty surgery can fix different issues with the shape and size of your nose. These are some common reasons people undergo rhinoplasty surgery:


    • A hump or bump on the nose bridge
    • Abnormal Nostrils
    • An asymmetrical or crooked nose
    • Resizing nose
    • Fixing a bulbous, upturned, drooping, or hooked nasal tip


    A rhinoplasty procedure can help fix a deviated septum. Your doctor evaluates the structures within your nose to see if anything obstructs your breathing. If so, they alter it accordingly to fix it for you so that it doesn't happen anymore.


    Who is a Good Rhinoplasty Candidate?


    Anyone can have a nose job, but you need to talk with your doctor before going under the knife. A patient must be at least 16 years old to qualify as a good candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure; it may not be effective if your facial growth is not complete.


    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, so you should be in good health if you are considering it. 


    How is Rhinoplasty Performed?


    How is Rhinoplasty Performed?


    Rhinoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure. Most patients can go home on the same day of the surgery, following a short recovery time. A board-certified plastic surgeon should perform this procedure only.

    Before surgery, the patient will most likely receive anesthesia - general or local. General anesthesia means that the patient will be completely unconscious throughout the procedure. Local anesthesia allows the patient to stay awake during the surgery.


    The procedure starts with the doctor making a small incision in the patient's skin. In closed rhinoplasties, these cuts are inside the nose, while in open rhinoplasty, an incision is made across a narrow strip of tissue separating the nostrils, called the columella.


    The surgeon would then reshape the nose to fit the treatment plan. The surgeon may shave down any raised bumps of bone on the bridge of the nose or may also remove cartilage. It requires specialized tools to increase efficiency and minimize pain & discomfort.


    Once the surgeon is satisfied, they use sutures to close the incision. They pack the inside of the nose with gauze to control swelling and support healing. It may require a strap or splint on the outside of the nose for proper healing.


    How to Recover from Rhinoplasty?


    Post-surgery, wear a splint to protect the nose for the first few days. You should sleep with your head raised to reduce swelling, use ice for pain relief, and refrain from using facial muscles as much as possible. It is best to wear a button-up shirt rather than wearing over-the-head clothes. 


    You may experience significant swelling or bruising after your nose job. These symptoms usually subside after a few weeks. It can take some time for your nasal contour to come back, so you might find that the intensity of these symptoms changes during this period.


    What to Expect at a Plastic Surgery Consultation?


    Plastic surgeons offer consultations. It is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss different aspects of your surgery, including potential risks and complications.


    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is not without risk, and injuries may happen during or after the operation - or your post-op recovery might not go as expected and lead to revisions to correct any imperfections of your nose. Following up regularly with your surgeon will ensure a successful recovery process.


    Rhinoplasty Cost in Dubai:


    The cost of rhinoplasty can vary greatly depending on what type of surgery you want and how much alteration is needed. After examining the nose and listening to your expectations, the surgeon can answer this question. 

    Keep in mind the following expenses you may incur for the surgery.


    • Surgeon's fee
    • Anesthesia
    • Facility/Hospital fee


    A rhinoplasty generally costs start form 25,000 Dhs in Dubai


    Final Thoughts:


    Rhinoplasty requires creativity and surgical skills to provide a patient with aesthetics and functionality. Qualifications and experience are essential considerations before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.


    The potential candidate should speak with at least two different surgeons before deciding.

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