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Detangling Spray - Tearless Detangling Spray - Nicole and Brize

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    A safe and gentle, everyday detangling spray with lightweight hydration formulated for all ages! ♥ Calms cowlicks, frizz, waves, curls, and bed-head ♥ Prevents breakage and conditions hair ♥ Softens and nourishes naturally without oily residue.

    A safe and gentle, everyday detangling spray with lightweight hydrators formulated for all ages!

    The N+B detangling spray:

    ♥ Calms cowlicks, frizz, waves, curls and bed head

    ♥ Prevents breakage and conditions hair 

    ♥ Softens and nourishes naturally without oily residue 

    Say Hello to Knot-Free Hair with Our Detangling Spray

    While it is true that there are some deep conditioners on the market that will leave your hair feeling silky while you're showering, and that there are clever wet hair brushes that work wonders, there are also the stubborn knots to be taken into consideration. Which is where a detangling spray comes in handy. As a type of hair conditioner, a detangling spray helps to give the hair a smoother, silkier and more manageable appearance as well as preventing breakage and enhancing the overall condition of it. They also help save time as they help remove knots in the hair as well.

    No matter what type or texture of hair you have, a good detangling spray can help relieve all the anguish and stress associated with brushing your hair.

    With an ultra-conditioning yet lightweight formulation, our detangling spray coats your hair in a veil of moisture, allowing your brush to glide through your hair smoothly, removing knots and tangles with ease. A detangling spray can also leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and smooth.

    Suitable For All Hair Types

    A gentle, detangling spray that helps de-frizz and remove knots and tangles and is suitable for all hair types. We have created a tangle free, anti frizz formula that requires only a quick spray of product to release knots painlessly, add shine, and allow the hair to look natural and easily manageable. Suitable for all types of hair, it's packed with Argan Oil, which makes it ideal for natural hair, afro hair, toddler hair, long hair, and every other type of hair. It is a non-greasy, lightweight product that can be used by everyone in the family.

    How To Use the Detangling Spray

    As far as when or how it is used, there is no requirement. You can apply the detangling spray when you're going outside or when you're getting into bed for the night.

    Using a detangling spray is suitable for a wide variety of different occasions. It can be applied on wet hair, dry hair, before or after you wake up, you name it, you can use it. There are just so many occasions when it can be used.

    For wet hair, towel dry your hair before using your detangling spray and finish off with a comb brush for silky smooth hair. For dry hair, spritz the detangling spray on your hair and comb through your hair to tame any bed head or fix your cowlick.