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Fearless Body Shimmer - Body Shimmer Lotion & Products

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    Treat your skin to a lush aromatic, and shimmering experience that transforms dull-looking skin into a glowing piece of art. This 8oz body shimmer lotion is smooth and lightweight enough to absorb quickly but rich enough to moisturize. Nicole and Brizee Beauty sell body shimmer products online.

    Our body shimmer lotion shimmer is perfect for day or night! Formulated with Amala Extract, it's packed with amino acids, proteins, vitamin C and minerals. 

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    Highlight Your Body with Our Body Shimmer Lotion

    Let’s be honest. How many times have you found a perfect highlighter that you feel like you want to bathe in because it is just that beautiful? But, as great as face highlighters can be, using products that are meant for your face on your whole body might not be the best idea. As such, body shimmer products are a great option when it comes to the spring and summer seasons. Whether you're looking to amp up your tan or are trying to give a paler complexion some more warmth, this body lotion shimmer uses luminous formulas that will give your skin a much-needed radiance boost.

    It is important to know that moisture really is a must when you want your limbs to glow, so you have to slather on that lotion anyway. As a result, you might as well use a shimmering factor in order to take your glowing to a whole new level. Using a body shimmer lotion will not only give you a glow but it is guaranteed to boost your confidence in a matter of seconds!

    How To Apply Shimmer Lotion

    By changing which tools you are using to apply your shimmer lotion products, you will be able to change the sheerness or fullness of your shimmer.

    For a sheer/light shimmer - gently massage the body lotion into your skin by holding your hands above your skin and massaging for a few minutes until it is fully absorbed. Using this will make the skin feel luxurious and create a lovely, subtle glow that is perfect for daytime wear.

    For full coverage - apply the body shimmer products to your skin with either a brush or sponge. This method will allow for fuller coverage of the shimmer and allows less of the shimmer to be absorbed into the skin.