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Sea Salt Spray for Hair - Sea Salt Texture Spray - Nicole and B

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    Looking for sea salt spray for hair? This Sea Salt Texture Spray is uniquely formulated to give the perfect amount of texture without a sticky or crunchy feeling.

    This Sea Salt Texturizing Spray is uniquely formulated to give the perfect amount of texture without a sticky nor crunchy feeling. Adds texture for a great beachy or tousled look all year round!

    What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

    If you want to learn how to easily make the beach wave look for your hair, a sea salt spray is a secret product you need.  A sea salt spray contains ingredients that replicate the ocean's effect on your hair and have an immediate effect. The ingredients in sea salt spray products add texture to thick hair by opening its cuticles and plumping its strands while providing fine hair with volume and a natural, fluffy style. With the sea salt texture spray finish, a natural look for an undetectable effect is created, making it the ideal choice for those who dislike the feeling of product in their hair.

    When Should I use Sea Salt Spray for Hair?

    When it comes to styling dry hair, there is nothing better than using a sea salt spray. For a tattered texture, simply spritz it through dry hair and scrunch into locks for an instant messed up look you can achieve even when you are not catching waves. Alternatively, you can use sea salt spray to give your hair a subtle touch of texture and to give it a voluminous look by spritzing it on damp hair. 

    Will Sea Salt Spray Make My Hair Thicker?

    The salt texture spray expands and plumps the hair fibers, giving the appearance of thicker, more voluminous hair. Using a salt spray for hair before it is styled can be effective for fine hair types, as it adds texture, body, and hold in order to support voluminous styles. As a result of the oil-absorbing properties of the sea salt spray, limp or lacklustre hair can also be boosted and restored.

    How Much Sea Salt Spray Should I Use?

    The amount of sea salt spray you need will depend on your length, texture, and what type of effect you are after. Those with fine hair might only require a few spritzes, whereas those who have thick hair may need a bit more - don't worry if you have thick hair, our product promises a matte finish lasting all day long. Adding a layer at a time is generally the best approach. Start sparingly and gradually add layers until you see how much your hair can handle. With time, it will become clear to you how to get voluminous hair with successive applications.