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How are machine nozzles selected in power laser cutting?

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    Laser nozzle collects capacitance during laser cutting. es through the middle of the ceramic ring to the signal processor. Keep the laser tube away from the work piece of the laser head during cutting. And to cut the workpiece well, it definitely guides the gas. The nozzle makes a cutting motion at the outlet. It has to remove slag and also protects the laser head

    How many types of nozzles are there?

    Laser nozzle is single and double. Single nozzle helps in cutting and melting. Nitrogen is used as a gas. Most of its use is helpful in cutting stainless steel and aluminum, brass. Double layer nozzle is used for cutting. It is used as oxygen gas. Mostly it is used for cutting carbon steel.

    Nozzle Size Function

    The diameter of the fiber laser nozzle determines the gas diffusion, the gas flow and the gas flow in it.

    The flow of air in the incision is large. The speed is fast in this. The workpiece is suitable for its air care. To melt it, the capacity of the spray should be strong. It has size detection according to the laser used and the sheet metal.

    In this, the thicker the plate, the bigger the nozzle should be used in it. The higher the setting pressure of the material, the higher the flow through it. and also ensure to cut off normal pressure. Contact us for more details. Feel free to ask us anything you want. Fiber laser nozzle company will always be at your service Thank you