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5 Methods for Treating a Broken Tooth

  • Tooth Crown can be very uncomfortable, and it's more common than you think. Even though human teeth are powerful and durable, they can break or fracture in certain circumstances, resulting in much pain and vulnerability to infections.

    Broken Tooth Treatments

    1. Ceramic filling

    It would appear that to fix a Broken tooth. We may have to use a filling. Ceramic resin fillings can be used to restore the strength of your tooth, and they reapproximate 98% of your tooth's natural state. In some cases, it's possible to accomplish this with CEREC technology which means you could go away with one visit; what's not better than that? However, for situations when more resistant materials are required (gold or zircon) or when aesthetic considerations require the attention of a laboratory technician, we may also opt for inlays and crowns, respectively.

    2. Dental bonding

    When a tooth has a cavity, a dentist will make an appointment for you so that they can take x-rays and evaluate the damage thoroughly. If the surface of the vital organ is small, the dentist may attempt to place a sedative bandage over the exposed part of the pulp. There may be scarring of the pulp and complete recovery in some cases. However, to fill the gap, your dentist may elect to give you a temporary filling until a permanent option is discovered and ready to be placed.

    3. Root canal

    If a large section of the pulp is damaged or there is severe pain associated with the cavity, it may be necessary to have a root canal performed. This entails removing the soft central part of the tooth. If the framework and strength of the natural tooth are good at this stage, you can consider having a root canal treatment done at this juncture.

    4. Crowns

    While dental work can get expensive, a crown is relatively inexpensive, considering all it can do. After one visits their dentist for a root canal treatment and addresses the pain, they might be covered with a crown to protect the tooth. Depending on the situation, installing a crown during a single visit with CEREC technology provides precision from planning to placement in 10 minutes. Ceramic inlays or crowns from your laboratory are perfectly suitable for more serious situations where you desire resilience in thin layers such as gold or zirconium.

    5. Implants

    A tooth may become exposed in some situations since it broke away from the bone or gum line. The best way to repair this is by using laser technology directly in your dentist's office. Either the gum or bone can be adjusted depending on whether the former covers too much of the latter being broken. If there is no bone covering too much tooth, then you may need to visit your dentist anyway. Due to the depth and extent of the damage, they will probably want to determine what kind of damage had occurred and most likely will recommend the extraction of the tooth to put an implant in its place.

    Got a Broken Tooth? It might be time to schedule an appointment at our Gentle Dental clinic so you can see what kind of treatment options we recommend for fixing your tooth. Visit our website for Tooth Crown services.

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