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Buy Superior Quality and Long-Lasting Ankle Bamboo Socks

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    Sox By Angus' selection of ankle bamboo socks are incredibly soft and comfortable, something you would notice right away once you put them on. Knitted with maximum bamboo yarn, our range of bamboo socks is definitely the thickest in Australia that will keep your feet dry all day.

    As the bamboo yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, our bamboo ankle socks are naturally hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating, preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria and keeping your feet smell-free. Our bamboo socks also keep your feet free from injuries and infections as the softness of the bamboo fabric prevents friction injuries like rashes and blisters.

    Some benefits of wearing ankle bamboo socks from Sox By Angus are:
    Made from chemical-less fibre: Bamboo fibre has been proven to be completely free from chemicals, reducing the risk of fungal infection and skin irritation.

    Temperature regulating: Bamboo socks can regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.
    No special care: Bamboo socks are easier to clean and store as compared to socks made from other fabrics. You can easily machine wash or hand wash the socks.

    To order bamboo ankle socks in bulk, call us at (03) 9551 8894 and for more information.

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