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Experience the Magic of Angora Wool Socks

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    At Sox By Angus, we offer an excellent selection of Angora wool socks that are designed to suit the Australian climate and lifestyle. These socks are available in various sizes, colours and patterns, perfect for people of all ages. The socks are made using the highest quality fibre that stops bacterial growth, making them odour resistant.

    Durable, lightweight and soft, our men's and women's range of wool socks in Australia are perfect for everyday wear. We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality wool socks for fashion-forward brands globally.

    Some benefits of wearing our wool socks are:

    • Our wool socks absorb a significant amount of moisture as compared to cotton. In fact, it can actually hold one-third of its weight in moisture before your feet even start to feel "wet."
    • Perfect to wear for people with sweaty feet as our premium quality wool keeps its insulating properties even while wet.
    • Dries much more quickly than cotton or any other fabric.
    • Can be worn multiple times before washing. No need to wash the socks every time you wear them.
    • Feels less coarse and softer on the skin, not causing any irritation.

    If you are looking to buy the highest quality wool socks at wholesale price, call us at (03) 9551 8894 and for more information.

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