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    If you have a PET bottle, you may be using it without ensuring about its leakage, and then you should think twice. PET or Polyethylene terephthalate is not only strong and stiff but also flexible material that can be made into everything from bottles to cables with all sorts of wonderful properties like durability, kept in mind.

    When creating PET bottles, the manufacturing process starts with the injection molding of polyester resin pellets to produce thin strands called “tows”. These tows are then stretched and heated until they become clear thermoset material. This is what forms the bottle’s structure. Presto vacuum leak tester from PET bottles is the best testing instrument that helps in detecting any sorts of leaks in a variety of products manufactured by industry specialists in the case of bottles. It comes with vacuum adjustability up to 600 mm-Hg (800 Mb) with a 2-stage vacuum and holding time setting. This vacuum tester has been designed to conduct the Vacuum Test on the materials for different sizes of packages.

    Product Specification Of Vacuum Leak Tester

    • Display: HMI Touch Screen
    • Least Count: 1.0 mm Hg
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of the measure
    • Power: 220 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
    • Controls: Pressure Monitoring and Timer Integrated in HMI
    • Timer: Up to 999 Seconds (Changeable to Hours: Min: Sec)
    • Material: Mild Steel duly powder coated
    • Vacuum adjustable up to – 900 Mb (600 mm-Hg.)
    • Box made of polished transparent PMMA (very rugged)
    • 2 stage vacuum and holding time setting
    • Delivered with vacuum generator

    Product Features of Vacuum Leak Tester

    • HMI-based Touchscreen Model
    • Microprocessor-based controls for repeatability and accuracy
    • Meets USP 28 packaging practice specification
    • Air Water both can be used as a testing medium
    • Automatic sample testing through an easy vacuum mechanism
    • Pass/ Fail criteria can be programmed.
    • Changeable timer units in Hrs.: Min: Sec
    • Inbuilt calibration facility
    • Vacuum Pressure display incorporated in HMI for easy pressure monitoring
    • Program profile for selecting test parameters and performing the test.
    • East data management. Users can create product identification, user name, vacuum hold time, set pressure, etc.
    • Graph of Pressure vs. Time

    If you want to know more about this lab testing equipment then you can give a call at  +91 9210903903 or email at info@prestogroup.com. The team of technical experts at Presto will easily consult you regarding all your needs and queries.