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7 tips to custom a good children’s board book

  • In recent years, as parents pay more and more attention to children's education. Children's board book printing are very popular in the book printing industry. Publishers want to customize the version of the board book no matter what type of book. Which leading to the proliferation of board books.

    Judith Schilders of Boston University in the United States. He proposed four stages of early childhood literacy behaviors. The four stages are book-holding behavior, picture-reading behavior, comprehension behavior, and pragmatic behavior.

    The stage of holding a book is often aimed at children aged 0 to 3 years. And these behaviors include turning pages and biting the book cover.

    Why custom board book for this age of children? Because compare to other types of children's book, board book more cost-effective. Children reading such books can tear, bite, and drop, but they are not easy to damage.




    How to custom a good children’s board book?

    1. The content design is must based on pictures.

    A single object per page, and no more than 10 words per page. Because the attention time of young children is very short, children in this period often read pictures. Thus, the content design of the custom children's board book is not suitable for too many words.

    1. Pay attention to the color design of the cover and content.

    The cover design visually caters to children's psychological colors. From the perspective of color psychology, children prefer bright colors and graphics that describe the scene well. Children will have a more pronounced preference if they are portrayed as good characters and if things have good meanings. Thus, on the cover or content, the color quality of the printing must be good. And there should be no blurring of colors. Which will not only not attract the attention of children, but also affect the psychological needs of children.

    1. Paper selection forcustom board books. Most of board book printing often choose coated paper. Due to coated paper has high smoothness, strong water resistance. And strong reproduction of images. And Children's board books are printed with a large number of beautiful pictures. Which is easier to attract children to read. So printing children's board books on this type of paper is prefer to read. Besides, the thickness of paper, thicker is not the better.
    2. Printing process: custom board books for babies is often use offset printing. Because the lithographic offset printing process is more mature. The printing quality is much better, the picture is more restored and the cost of offset printing is cheap.
    3. It is necessary to pay attention to the rounded corners of the four sides of the book. As much as possible to maintain the smoothness of the book. And children will not scratch their hands because the paper is too hard.
    4. Custom board books for babiesmust use green and fresh ink. The young children like to chew on books. If use ordinary inferior ink, the toxic gas will enter the respiratory system through the child's mouth. It will be damaging the child's health. Moreover, it causes damage to the environment, which is neither green nor easy to fade. Thus, at present, most of the children's board books printing often use soybean ink. This ink is safe, non-toxic, tasteless, rich in color, green and renewable. The most important thing is that it will not cause any harm to the body when used to print children's board books. So, some of the mineral oil is replaced by soybean oil in soybean oil-based ink.
    5. Use water-based adhesives to custom children's board books. Compared with traditional EVA hot melt adhesives. Water-based adhesives have many varieties. It is very cheaper, green, and is more conducive to improving production efficiency.

    Chinaprinting4u provides all types of board book printing service for self-publishers and companies. Due to high quality and reasonable, many clients have been cooperated with us many times.

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