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How to choose right Chinese printers?

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    Book printing is something that we must focus on in the business process, so how to choose right book printing companies when printing our product? Now let's take a look.



    1.You need to know your printing requirement.

       No printer in the world can print all types of product.Among all kinds of printing enterprises, the enterprises engaged in printing publications (books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.) account for about the total number of printing enterprises 10% of the total, and about 30% of the enterprises are engaged in packaging and decoration printing materials (trademark logo, advertising, packaging paper, metal, plastic, etc).
    The rest are engaged in printing other printed materials (documents, materials, charts, tickets, etc.). According to the above data,although the printing companies are many, but the products who can provide are different. Therefore, before looking for a printing company, you must be clear about your printing requirement, so that we can correctly find the right printing company. Such as if you need a moon cake box, of course, you have to find a color box printing supplier.Printing company can print what products are actually depend on their production equipment. For example, if a newspaper printing factory needs a professional newspaper rotary printing machine;In addition to ordinary printing machines, custom book printing plants also need folding machines, bookbinding (glue binding, horse riding binding, thread binding, etc) equipment and paste mounting equipment; In addition to the printing machine, we also need other post printing processing equipment, such as die-cutting machine (beer machine), bronzing (silver, laser) equipment, laminating machine, UV machine, gluing machine, etc.


    2.You need to clear the quality requirements for products

    This is also very important. Different quality requirements can determine what kind of suppliers to find. Generally speaking, large-scale company’s product quality will be more guaranteed. Because both the progressiveness of equipment and quality of employees are relatively high. Product quality can be effectively guaranteed also depends on the improvement of management system and complete processing equipment of large-scale manufacturer. It is the latter two points to ensure the long-term stability of product quality. Actually, a large number of manufacturers are small in scale, but their equipment is advanced.The quality of employees is as good as most of large factories. What they lack is perfect management and product processing equipment, which leads to product quality and quantity fluctuates greatly. Therefore, when the product requirements are high, it is necessary to choose large and medium-sized printing factories.


    1. You need to know how many to print

    The quantity directly affects the selection of printing companies. Such as,if you need to print children’s book for 500 copies, you can choose small and medium-sized printing plants. Because in terms of quantity, we should printing 500 copies of such book is not a problem for most printing company. Both the quality and quantity are very good guarantee. However, if the number rises to 5000 or 10000 copies, we should choose medium-sized or large-scale printing company, because only the large-scale companies have enough production capacity to complete the task according to quality within a certain time. (small printing houses refer to below 100 people, medium-sized refers to more than 100 people but less than 500 people, and large refers to more than 500 people. Note: this classification standard is for reference only)


    1. Select printing suppliers according to price affordability.
      As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" .If the price affordability is not high, you can only find a non famous brand printing manufacturer.There is a big difference in price between famous brands and non famous brands, because brands are intangible values and have a good reputation in quality.


    The above are the precautions for us to find right book printing company to custom printing service for your product, I hope it can help you.

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