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3 Trends in Children's Book Printing China

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    Children's books in the current market, from illustration production to content typesetting, from cover binding to packaging design, from material selection to printing process, can be seen everywhere in the publishers and Chinese printers, which naturally attracts many young readers’ eyeball. What are the current trends in the publishing and printing children's books?

    children's book printing
    children's book printing


    1. The use of environmentally friendly inks has become a trend

      Because young children like to chew on objects, publisher and printing houses mostly use environmentally friendly materials to custom children’s book printing. Environmentally friendly printing has also become a major trend in the development of the entire printing industry. At present, some domestic printing companies have passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. The core of the system is "cleaner production", which requires the selection of low-toxic or non-toxic, low-polluting or non-polluting materials in the printing process, as well as creating a clean and comfortable production environment.

      Eco-friendly inks are also commonly used in children's book printing. Many book printing companies pay special attention to environmental protection. Their generally require manufacturers to use environmentally friendly soybean inks. In addition, many printing plants have to pass the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and they also require environmentally friendly inks.

    2. Lightweight paper is the first choice for children's books

      What kind of paper are mainly used to print children's books with delicate packaging and bright colors? Domestic children's books are mainly printed on offset paper, coated paper and light paper.

      A new type of double offset paper, the printing effect of this paper is between offset paper and coated paper. Its surface smoothness is better than that of offset paper, and its brightness is slightly worse than that of coated paper, which is more suitable for printing coloring books. Its color is yellow and white, and the whiteness is about 86%, which is not as dazzling as blue and white, which is beneficial to protect children's eyesight. It is lighter in weight than coated paper, making it easier for children to read. And the price is not much different from that of coated paper.

      Because of its light weight and low price, light paper has become a new choice for children's book printing paper. Although the colors printed on light paper may be darker than those printed on coated paper, they are comfortable to the touch and light in weight, making them more suitable for children to read. In addition, the price of light paper is lower than that of coated paper and double-adhesive paper, so the cost pressure of publishing houses will be smaller.

      There are also some children's books printing, whose materials have broken through the traditional paper products, and "toy books" and "bath books" made of plastic and cloth have also begun to appear.

    3. Packaging design focuses on the first vision

      With the improvement of the level of book printing, children's books have broken through the traditional printing methods of paperback and hardcover. Many techniques originally used for packaging printing and screen printing have been applied to the covers of children's books, and the international popular large-size children's books have also begun Popular, children's books with CDs and toys are not uncommon.

      Children's book printing china pay attention to the first sight and attract children's attention at the first sight, so many children's book covers are designed with UV, embossing, colorful crystal, ironing various colors of anodized aluminum, die-cutting and other processes.

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