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How to apply for ECA for Canada and why is it necessary?

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    Every country has its own culture, traditions, and standards of living. And therefore every country has its own standard of education as well. These standards of education are a gauge mark for the employees working in that country who are ultimately going to deliver and raise the company’s economy. People working for the country are the sole reason why a country grows or dips. People are raised according to the country’s standard knowing they are the future. But what about the people who come from different nations having different cultures and different standards?

    For such people, ECA bodies are in place. What is ECA? ECA or Educational credential assessment is a process that equates education obtained from one country to the education of another country. And therefore ECA reports help organizations in a particular country to evaluate the educational qualification of the workforces coming from foreign countries. ECA for different countries is different. If you wish to work in Canada, you will need ECA for Canada. Some documents like transcripts from university are common. You will have to fetch a transcript from the university you have completed your graduation in. Like a VTU student will get a VTU transcript. But if there are two friends from VTU and one is going to the USA and the other to Canada, then these friends will require ECA for USA and ECA for Canada respectively. So while the transcript from university is common, ECA is different for them.

    By now you must have understood why ECA is necessary. If you want to work for a foreign country, you need to prove the quality of your education and therefore ECA for Canada, ECA for the USA, or ECA for any other country is a must. So now let’s see how to get an ECA report. Just like every document has an issuing authority, like you will get your VTU transcript from VTU and Aadhar from UIDAI, similarly, ECA report is generated by evaluation bodies. While WES is the most popular educational credential evaluator among students, there are many other such evaluating bodies that have their own pros and cons. Some common ECA agencies that you might have heard of are – WES, IQAS, CES, IERF, GCE, IEE, etc. So if you want your educational credential assessment done then you have a plethora of options. No need to mention, finding the best ECA agency can become confusing sometimes. You can contact ECA or transcript services for the same that can guide you well. You can also rely on them for your VTU transcript or transcript from universities across India, ECA for Australia, the USA, Germany, or even ECA for Canada. They are professionals and help you get the required documents easily.

    Now, if you have plenty of time and money to experiment with it yourself, then you can visit the official website of these ECA bodies and apply by yourself. Finding the right educational credential evaluator can be a mammoth task, but once when you have done your research and found out which will be best for you, you can submit your ECA application to them. These different ECA agencies might have different ways to evaluate, different duration to generate reports, different fees, different regions to serve like ECA for Canada or ECA for the USA only, and so many other factors. For example, while WES is the fastest agency to process ECA applications, IQAS is a government service that serves only Canada, etc. Students must consider all these before applying. It won’t make sense if you get your VTU transcript early and your ECA report will get generated after 60 days. It might cost you some big opportunities. Therefore consider well. 

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