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How is the WES Transcript evaluation done for ECA for Canada?

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    Thousands of students dream of working abroad in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, etc. There are a lot of formalities to be done to be working in such companies abroad. Typically a student gets to work abroad in three cases. He can work in foreign countries either if he gets campus placement from their college, if the existing company gives him an onsite opportunity, or if a student moves abroad and applies for jobs there. For the third option, the student needs to have an ECA certificate. And here we are going to discuss the same from WES.

    What are ECA and WES?

    Before we understand how ECA is done by WES, let’s first understand what ECA and WES are. Every country has their own standard of education, different syllabus and course structure. Therefore educational degree from one country differs widely from that of a degree from another country. So, the process of equating the educational degree of two different countries is known as ECA or Educational Credential Assessment. There are various organizations that do the ECA and generate ECA reports. WES is one such organization that does ECA and issue a WES transcripts evaluated certificate. This WES certificate is issued after thoroughly evaluating the transcript or e-transcript of a course from one country and equating the same with the degree of Canada or the USA. Once WES certifies the ECA report, it can be widely accepted across more than 2500 institutions in Canada and the USA.

    How WES Transcript evaluation is done?

    WES transcript evaluation is done in three simple steps – Apply, Send and Get. Let’s see in detail what these mean.

    1. Applying for WES reference number – Students first need to apply for ECA from WES by visiting their website www.wes.org. Once they apply for the evaluation, they will receive a WES reference number. The WES transcript being sent by the institution has to bear this reference number, otherwise, WES may not evaluate the degree. So the first step is to apply for WES evaluation and obtain ECA.


    1. Sending the sealed documentsWES transcript processing is done only when the documents sent are from the official address. For example, if you want to get your WES transcript evaluated report, then the transcript or marksheet should be sent by your university/institution only. Your institution can send the required documents either in a sealed official envelope of the institution or send an e-transcripts from the official email address. WES doesn’t evaluate certificates sent by an individual as they are prone to forgery.


    1. Generation of the report – When the correct documents are sent by the university in a sealed envelope and with the correct WES reference number, WES will start working on evaluating the transcript. The WES transcript processed report will be generated within 7 working days of the successful application. Successful application means when all the documents are proper and the processing fee has also been paid.


    After the WES transcript generated report is certified, it will be eligible to be submitted to various educational, licencing or government institutions across Canada and the USA.

    Things to be taken care of while applying for a WES transcript evaluated certificate?

    1. The first thing to be careful about is having a WES reference number. Get a WES reference number before applying for a university transcript. A WES transcript from your university will need a WES reference number before it is sent to WES for evaluation.
    2. The documents have to be sent from the issuing authorities. You are not supposed to send the required documents by yourself. For a WES transcript processed certificate, the transcript has to be genuine. Therefore it has to be sent by your university. Only documents in sealed envelopes having a seal and stamp of university or e-transcripts sent from the university’s official email address will be evaluated.
    3. Once the WES transcript evaluated report is generated, you can request it to be sent directly to the applying university or you can receive it at your address. The shipping cost may be over the ECA processing fees that you need to be careful about.


    So by now, we hope you understand how simple or difficult the process of ECA from WES is. If you can apply for a WES reference number and coordinate with your university to send the WES transcript with a WES reference number then it is easy. Otherwise, if you feel the process is complicated, you can always contact Worldwide transcripts and we will help you with your university transcript sent to WES to generate your WES transcript evaluated certificate.