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Virtual Learning gaining popularity during COVID-19

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    Educational biggies, as well as those who have been in the market for a while, have realized that having a sturdy LMS along with the usual mode of learning is a must considering how learning and development are evolving. Learning management systems were developed initially to fulfill the needs of the higher education segment but with COVID-19 impacting the study routine of every age group, it has necessitated the need to develop newer LMS solutions so that students do not feel left out in the process of learning continuously.

    Technology has evolved so much and LMS in many top institutions have reached their zenith and are functioning on those principles only. Delivery of content is now in the form of videos, audio lectures, modules and materials uploaded so that the students can access it anywhere and any time. 

    Now that COVID-19 has changed the way we use technology LMS too has gained prominence. We have also delivered many E-learning projects with the use and infusion of emerging technologies enabling students to reap out the best. Whether or not there is a pandemic, it is high time that institutions include it as a part of their curriculum rather than wait for any such mishap to occur. The emergence of new technologies has enabled educators to use virtual classrooms with technology tools right from their homes. These tools are extremely useful because they provide not just content but also real-time feedback and reinforcement during these sessions. With many educational ventures unprepared for this, we believe that installing an LMS due to these reasons:

    • Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and time zones based on their global time zones. 
    • Real-time monitoring and gap analysis of students 
    • Generation of performance review reports enabling students to do better
    • No requirement of any books or physical copies as everything is available online. 


    E-learning and LMS

    We all have accessed E-learning at one point in time or the other but many a time we have not realized the same. E-learning is a cheaper way to ensure students get their hold on newer concepts and information. It is the training content that the students access online. But E-learning is restricted to content delivery online, but what follows before and after it is what LMS is all about. So the Learning management system is the system as a whole of which E-learning takes the major share of importance. 


    LMS is more of a software platform that is majorly responsible for delivering material online. It helps the user by providing relevant tools that enables the learners to interact with the displayed content. COVID-19 has changed everything around us and the education industry too. Let’s see how: 


    The educator’s role has undergone a major paradigm shift with their role not restricted to only teaching. They now have a more participatory role to offer and facilitate each and every process of the flow. Thanks to several digital learning platforms, teachers now are not just meant for lecture deliverers, but have wider roles in influencing the learning process. 


    1. With the internet and connectivity, no one person is an island. Now is the time there are no boundaries and isolated actions. In such situations, it is high time organizations move out of their comfort zones and look at the bigger picture.
    2. Organizations now can offer to students numerous learning opportunities thanks to the availability of technology and tools. COVID-19 has resulted in a bigger opportunity to embrace these learning tools and revolutionize the way they teach.
    3. Now with such emergencies, it has become important that young students learn valuable life skills to survive. In the future, even employers will give more importance to a lot of other skills apart from technical skills.

    Benefits of LMS

    LMS has become an important part of the overall learning system. LMS solution is a must if you are anyway associated with teaching. We give you some great benefits it comes with to ensure you are not doing the wrong thing by getting it done. 

    • E-learning content uploaded on the relevant LMS platform can be accessed by learners n number of times. By using their logins they can have access to the material anywhere they want, how many ever time and in whatsoever form they wish to see. 
    • LMS also has removed the need to save materials on drives and devices and on top of that if the material is made available on the cloud, then even if you are sitting in a cave, you can access it without any hiccups. 
    • Robust LMS lets the learners get to know about their performance. Educators can also see to it that their performance is captured and proper analytics will give them an idea about which areas they need to improve. 
    • It also eliminates the cost of printing the material as online learners can shift everything online that saves a sizable amount of learning and development costs.
    • With a good LMS solution, students can also integrate their learning with links to social media platforms like FB and Twitter encouraging more and more people for peer collaboration.

    Get your own LMS

    After COVID-19 LMS has indeed become a need and the need for a strong LMS platform can only be done when educational groups associate themselves with top software development companies. LMS solutions have encouraged people to think beyond traditional modes of learning capabilities and adopt a mode of learning that encourages collaboration, increases engagement and also provides support in a manner that enables students to achieve success.

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