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Dark Underarms Treatment Dermatologist

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    We care so much about our facial and hair appearance. We go for celebrity facials and hair regrowth therapies but forget that we ladies can't step out without wearing our favourite trendy clothes. When it comes to wearing our favourite and comfy tank tops and swimming suits, Dark Underarms say greetings, ruining our mood and the day too.

    Dark underarms are the body parts which can make us look entirely beautiful and gorgeous, and at the same time, their darkness can ruin our personality. The Best Dermatologist In Dubai offers the best services with several practical and safe cosmetic therapies to treat this universal problem. 

    Reasons for Dark Underarms

    Underarms should be just like the skin colour of the rest of the body parts, and they are not supposed to look darker. If they are, there might be the following reasons:

    • Weight
    • PCOS
    • Shaving 
    • Hair removing creams
    • Bad Hygiene
    • Deodorant cast
    • Friction and rubbing to tight and low fabric clothes
    • Dead skin cells in the underarms
    • Diabetes and other medical concerns

    Do Dark Underarms Need a Medical Treatment?

    There can be many potential causes of dark underarms, but they are totally harmless and need no medical treatment. Until you have diabetes, thyroid glands or some other disease, they need to be medically treated as soon as possible. If you notice dark patches on the other body parts, a doctor visit is required as they can indicate cancer. 

    Treatments Of Dark Underarms 

    Pico Genesis

    Pico genesis for underarm lightening is the best and the latest skin rejuvenation treatment. As we all know about laser supremacy, this therapy combines the use of three highly benefited short pulse wavelengths. It's an FDA-approved and completely safe underarm lightening therapy based on selective photo-thermolysis techniques. This technique heats up the targeted skin tissues, which break the skin pigment. After that, the body naturally starts removing the broken skin pigments and on the track to lighten the darker underarms. Pico Genesis provides instant difference and is ten times faster than the other lasers as it works on picoseconds.

    Skin Peel

    When the piled up dead skin cells and harsh exfoliation makes your underarms darker and worse looking, The Skin peel is the perfect treatment to lighten them up. Skin peel is an underarm rejuvenation treatment, a proper medical graded facial that works on removing the topmost skin layer using a powerful diamond exfoliation tip. At the same time, topical nourishment is delivered to the skin, making it brighter by removing pigmentation, even toning the skin and clearing up the dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation.

    The best thing about skin peel is that it is an entirely customizable treatment for every patient's requirements. 

    Pink Peel

    Pink peel is another medically graded treatment for lightening dark underarms. It is a chemical peel that provides the best solution for underarm rejuvenation. The treatment features are removing discolouration, uneven tone, uneven skin texture, and the brighter and lighter underarm colour like the rest of your body.

    This underarm lightening therapy is customizable too. 

    Intense-Pulse Laser

    IPL or intense pulse laser is a unique skin lightening treatment which uses a flash lamp or an ellipse applicator. IPL works by producing a carefully filtered light with a safer wavelength to ensure just treating the darker skin, not harming it. When the laser light is emitted to the skin cells containing pigment, it destroys them within seconds without affecting the connective tissues. 

    As a result, the skin will be toned, lightened and brighter. 

    Although people try home remedies first, investing your time and money wisely should be preferred to get proper medically graded cosmetic therapies with effective and long term results.  

    Dark Underarms Treatment Dermatologist

    You should get your dark underarms checked with the services of the best dermatologist in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic. They're highly qualified and well-trained and will examine your condition properly with the treatment tailoring your needs. If there is any disease behind the darkness of the underarms, a suitable disease treatment will lighten them. 

    You can book an appointment at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai! 

    Cost of Dermatologist in Dubai

    The dermatologist's cost differs because there are numerous skin care therapies available in the cosmetic field, and each patient has a different skin issue to be treated. Moreover, 

    • Dermatologist's Qualification
    • Experience
    • Fee
    • Location
    • Clinical Specifications are the essential aspects which define the cost.

    Lighter and Brighter Underarms At Dynamic Clinic in Dubai 

    Getting open about underarm problems are the issues people are uncomfortable talking about despite knowing that underarm hygiene really matters and causing embarrassment for most of us. The best Dermatologist in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic offers the latest underarm lightening treatments with excellent results. 

    Go Ahead and Book a Free Consultation Now!

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