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Build the best New World Greatsword & Bow

  •  In the new world, each server has its uniqueness, so to have the best build, consider its opponent first, in PVP, the meta build is not always the best. The best builds are the ones where the player can do the most. Faction members will have their own opinion about the "best" build, and even if they don't use weapons, communication with the server is always insightful.

    Whether new or veteran, one of the goals of building and choosing weapons in New World is to fill in weaknesses, using one weapon to make up for another. Because bows scale with Dexterity, and greatswords scale with Dexterity and Strength, it's better to pour points into Dexterity than trying to split between Strength and Dexterity. Raising your agility to 300 guarantees a critical hit after a dodge.

    Although it only activates once every 10 seconds, combining it with the Aggressive Shift and Keen Posture Great Sword passives provides regular crit damage. For players who need to earn more New World Coins in the new world to buy the best equipment, upgrade the character to the best state.

    Bow Build

    Bows have been popular in PvP in terms of weapon tiers since the release of New World. Many builds use the Evade Shot from the Skirmisher tree, as mobility is handy, but it also depends on the close quarters combat the player plans to use with the bow. The bow's PvP build is almost entirely in the hunter tree, as the skirmisher rail has more close-range ability, crowd control, and mobility.

    Great Sword Build

    Most PvP and PvE builds will rely on skills and passives, mostly from the onslaught tree, as there are other weapon options if the player wants to be a tank. The Great Sword's attack potential outweighs its defense. Even though the long-term goal of the Great Sword is to use it defensively, upgrading it with the Onslaught skill is much faster and can be reassigned points later.

    Great Sword can both attack and resist, triggered by using skills in the respective trees. Some players like Defiance Tree's Roaring Breakability and Adaptive Break passive, as it pulls enemies back when they flee. The healing aspect of Defiance will allow players to be more self-sufficient, but hopefully, in PvP, New World Life Staff users will be involved.

    You need to be cautious when building weapons. First, choose the weapon with the greatest potential, and then invest a lot of time and energy in collecting the materials or items you need. During this period, New World Gold is still the most important. Players can use various tasks to maximize their potential to earn more Gold. As the level increases, the number of New World Coins players need will also increase, so how to effectively obtain a large amount of New World Gold?

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