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SAP EHS stands for Environment Health and Safety. It is used for dealing with risks related to the environment like pollution, employee's health & safety, accidents, etc. SAP EHS is a software that was developed to effectively manage occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the overall safety of employees, products, and the organization. It enables the integration of safety and health tasks in the organization’s existing business processes. The software enables organizations to be legally compliant, decrease costs, and lower risks at the same time. It provides a comprehensive solution for the management of the environment, health, and safety of the overall organization. Benefits: - Make operations safer - Manage EHS more efficiently - Safeguard operational continuity - Effectively comply with complex legal, health and safety regulations globally while reducing cost. - Truck accidents and near-misses more effectively, which, allows for complex investigation and learnings from the safety issue. - Ability to develop occupational health and industrial hygiene programs - Ease of application to all industries on a global scale To Join training batches, please feel free to call or email us. Email:, Phone : +91- 9148251978, 08041506795 Website:
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