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Proexcellency Provides Kinaxis Rapid Response Online Training

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Kinaxis RapidResponse is a supply chain management solution that enables large enterprises to plan. Supply chain planning and analytics capabilities are provided to companies to manage a couple of interconnected supply chain planning tactics. Rapid Response is the best platform on the market which promises a patented database and visualization technology with many years of deep knowledge of the supply chain. The result is a planning platform and related applications and core algorithms designed especially for supply chains. - It provides integration of information control, inventory assessment, and order processing analysis. - It offers features such as supply chain management, sales or operations planning, demand creation plans, delivery and capacity development plans. - The Kinaxis RapidResponse Demand Planning application allows demand planners to create a stress-free consensus demand forecast that mixes statistical prediction with more than one practical forecast prospect and events. Several Industries like Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, business, Lifesciences, and Consumer products use Kinaxis RapidResponse. To join the Kinaxis RapidResponse Online Training batches, please feel free to call or email us., Phone:+91- 9148251978, 08041506795
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