Integrative Life Center - Mental Health Treatment in Nashville, TN

Integrative Life Center believes in treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and not a single aspect of who you are should be neglected during the healing process. From our mental health treatment in Nashville, TN we want to help you gain a deeper understanding of what got you to this point and learn the skills necessary to develop a sense of self-efficacy, agency and purpose to move forward into healing, health and recovery. Integrative Life Center 1104 16th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37212 615-891-2226 My Official Website:- Google Plus Listing:- Our Other Links:- mental health treatment Nashville:- alcohol addiction treatment Nashville:- drug addiction treatment Nashville:- trauma treatment Nashville:- dual diagnosis treatment program Tennessee:- depression treatment Nashville:- anxiety treatment Nashville:- sex addiction treatment Nashville:- substance abuse recovery Nashville:- eating disorder recovery Nashville:- intensive outpatient program Nashville:- Service We Offer:- addiction treatment trauma treatment drug addiction treatment alcohol addiction treatment depression treatment sex addiction treatment substance abuse treatment eating disorder treatment iop treatment Follow Us On:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Twitter:- Linkedin:- Pinterest:-
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