Midwest Institute for Addiction - Drug Treatment in Kansas City, MO

Our drug treatment in Kansas City offers a complete continuum of care that goes beyond alcohol and drug use alone. The Midwest Institute for Addiction Kansas City approach focuses on your “quality of life”, by addressing your physical health, psychiatric health, family health, social health, financial health, legal issues, occupational issues, and of course alcohol and drug use. Midwest Institute for Addiction Kansas City 1512 NE 96th St, Liberty, MO 64068 (816) 407-9596 My Official Website:- https://www.midwestinstituteforaddiction.org/locations/missouri/kansas-city/ Google Plus Listing:- https://maps.google.com/maps?cid=13037037436105282198 Our Other Links:- Outpatient Rehab Kansas City:- https://www.midwestinstituteforaddiction.org/general-outpatient-treatment/ Suboxone Kansas City:- https://www.midwestinstituteforaddiction.org/suboxone/ Alcohol Detox Kansas City:- https://www.midwestinstituteforaddiction.org/detox-center/ Service We Offer:- Addiction Treatment Alcohol Treatment Drug Treatment Detox Treatment Follow Us On:- Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/Midwest-Institute-for-Addiction-KC-1014380211985625/ Twitter:- https://twitter.com/midwest_city Pinterest:- https://www.pinterest.com/MIAKansasCityMissouri/ Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/miakansascityrehab/
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