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Winter Awning Care - Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Shelter

Maintaining Your Awning During the Winter To prepare your awning for winter, embark on a cleaning regimen that will help preserve its condition and longevity. Here are the steps to follow: Remove Loose Debris: Begin by using a soft-bristle brush or a leaf blower to gently eliminate loose dirt and debris. Take care to avoid causing any damage to the fabric or frame. Tackle Stubborn Stains: Gently scrub the affected areas and then rinse thoroughly with water to ensure all traces of soap are removed. Customized Cleaning: Recognize that different types of awnings may require specific cleaning methods. Prevent Snow Accumulation: When snow accumulates, it can stretch and tear the fabric, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Avoid Structural Damage: The weight of accumulated snow can place undue stress on the awning’s frame or motorized mechanism. Contact us at: Phone: 303-838-7291 Email: Address: 11485 Old US Hwy 285, Suite 120 Conifer, CO 80433 Website:
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