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Posted by Shams Khan
Python is basically an interpreted high-standard general-purpose programming language. You will find its design philosophy emphasizing code readability with its use of important indentation. At the moment, it is one of the fast-growing languages across the globe. This video gives a sneak peek about - Concepts & Applications of Python and about Python training curriculum. Gain in-depth knowledge of Python programming language. Enroll now and learn from a Python specialist. Why Join this course? \u25ba By enrolling with our Python certification program, you will get an opportunity to experience a whole new learning experience. \u25ba You will receive training from industry-experts professionals. \u25ba You will be ensured of 100% placement as well. \u25ba You will receive sessions regarding 'functions, positional and keyword arguments, *args and **kwargs, Classes', etc. \u25ba Our trainers will provide you with detailed training on "Lists, List comprehension, Dictionaries, Sets, and Tuples, etc. \u25ba All these terms might sound complex to you, but our trainers will help you to understand each one of its uses and its significance. \u25ba You will be explained each, and every topic with reference to several instances as well. Croma Campus has provided a platform that cures all your training needs in different industries. Our Dedicated counsellors are always happy to assist you with any doubts you may have related to career goals, course content, and training services. Please don't forget to Like, Share & Subscribe. Follow Us Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Website: | #cromacampus #python #pythoncertification #pythontraining #pythondeveloper
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