Cochlear and Hearing implants in India

Posted by Ameet Kishore
Cochlear and Hearing implants in India India Cochlear And Hearing Implants What is the operation of a cochlear implant? Even though the hearing nerve may be present, sensorineural deafness occurs when the hair cells are missing or destroyed. Due to damage to the hair cells, these nerves are unable to carry sound. On the other hand, these nerves may send electrical signals to the brain when stimulated electrically. Cochlear implants avoid the destroyed hair cells by converting ambient sounds into electrical impulses that are then sent to the brain through the hearing nerve. It is now feasible to get the newest Cochlear and Hearing implants in India because they are readily available. To ensure that you receive top-notch treatment, our team includes the region's best cochlear implant surgeon and audiologist. Call Now: +91-9654518169, +91-8285511959 Visit: #ENT_specialist_in_india #Hearing_loss_treatment_in_india #Best_ENT_Doctor_in_india
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