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Ikeda Spa Tour | Best Japanese Onsen Spa & Massage in Singapore

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Singapore's 1st Japanese spa since 2009, offering traditional Japanese #onsen, #massage, #facial and beauty treatments. Ikeda Spa offers a quaint sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of town, nestled among lush greenery in Bukit Timah. Zen-inspired interiors and personalised spa services transform Ikeda Spa into a home away from home for urbanites. * Most Liked Singapore Spa on Facebook. Won 40+ Spa Awards * Renowned as one of the best spas in Singapore, Ikeda Spa is a quaint retreat that feels just like a Japanese hot spring resort. We specialise in the onsen bath, Japanese massage and facial treatments and have won more than 40 acclaimed spa awards since opening. CONTACT US: 1.30pm – 10.30pm daily +65 6469 8080 787 Bukit Timah Road (Before 6th Ave). Singapore 269762 Book Your Treatment Online: Hinoki Onsen Bath Shiatsu Massage Japanese Facial At Ikeda Spa, our guests are truly like our own family. In Japan, there is a deep-rooted culture, which comes from sado (tea ceremony), called omotenashi, meaning to wholeheartedly look after guests. OUR FOUNDING STORY Our founder first visited a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Japan and was deeply touched by the host’s kindness and hospitality. The experience of being welcomed at the ryokan was so memorable that he wants to bring that culture into Singapore so that more people could experience such hospitality. Maintaining the traditions of a ryokan while infusing them with spa elements resulted in the creation of Ikeda Spa. OUR PHILOSOPHY In Japan, a deep-rooted culture called omotenashi may best translate as the Japanese way of hospitality, but its true meaning is far deeper and more detailed. Omotenashi is a way of life in Japan, focused on always providing the best service and hospitality despite receiving nothing in return. And we believe that we can propagate this spirit of omotenashi outside of Japan. Every one of us at Ikeda Spa is making an even deeper commitment to creating an unforgettable experience in every encounter with our guests. OUR MASSAGE TREATMENTS Find out why we are regarded as one of top 10 best massage in Singapore after you get pampered with a variety of massages by our specially trained body therapists. We serve mainly 3 series of massages dedicated for your needs: heat-infused, remedial, and therapeutic. OUR BODY TREATMENTS Known as a complimentary to body massages, body add-ons add nourishment and enhance your body and skin's glow and texture. OUR FACIAL TREATMENTS Take your pick on our expertized Japanese facials, ranging from the very traditional Geisha Organic Facial to the high efficacy aesthetic beauty treatment, many of which had garnered numerous beauty awards and facial reviews thus becoming one of the best facial salons in Singapore. How is Ikeda Spa different from other Japanese spas? We want to recreate the most authentic Japanese onsen bathing experience in Singapore. Everything is there for you including black ceramic floor tiles, shower valves and stools, and the ultimate Hinokiburo (Japanese cypress wood bathtub) – all imported from Japan. Our spa therapists will guide you through this onsen bath ritual.
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