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In the classic World of Warcraft, players start all over

  • April 26, 2021
    In the classic World of Warcraft, players start all over

    Some time ago, Blizzard announced The Burning Crusade Classic supplement for the “vanilla” version of World of Warcraft. And those who decide to fight with the Burning Legion will be able to do so on the new servers, while the rest will have to continue what they have been doing for the last couple of years. Dissatisfied with this situation The players decided to take everything into their own hands.To get more news about buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    And announced the initiative The Fresh Crusade: they decided to start the game again, on a server where there will be no mass of bots, broken economy and too large population. Due to the fact that the new Blizzard servers are not opens, for the “crusade” chose one of the most unpopulated: the European Dragonfang.And it soon ceased to empty: about 10 thousand people gathered on the Discord channel of the initiative, and about three thousand started the game. The participants themselves say that what was happening reminded them of the most first World of Warcraft start, in 2004.

    During the launch of the Classic version in 2019, “mirrors” were included and players were spread across layers. Now all of them were in one place, and several hours it took to the characters distributed in different locations.

    In the first hours two dozen guilds were created, and new residents of the server again faced queues, lack of mobs and other aspects of the overall start. But they are satisfied: despite all the chaos, everyone knew what they were going to.

    About the great relocation became widely known, and surely bots, toxic players, “billboards & raquo; and other life-poisoning aspects. It is not yet known what steps the participants will take next.

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