Appealing architectural screens with unique appearance

  • December 10, 2020 12:02 AM PST
    Mesh screens are used in diverse industries which include oil refinery, agriculture, desalination, chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical and minerals. Our products are well known for satisfying all your filtration needs.To get more news about [url=]stainless steel architectural mesh[/url], you can visit official website.

    Heanjia uses the best raw material which is fully tested to produce our wire mesh screens. These quality wires are then used to produce mesh screens with excellent quality assurance and process security guarantee.Mesh screen is a supreme choice for protection from pests, offering plant fencing, decoration and several other benefits. Varying from pest control to walls and composting bins to vertical gardens, the attractive wire mesh is used in gardens and landscaping design. Wire mesh screens are available in several metals and alloys, mesh types and perforated metal and expanded rolls.

    Decorative screens, outdoor lighting, mosquito control, vertical gardens, greenhouses, pest control, fencing, sift soils and compost, plant protection, slug control, art pieces and lighting. Using the attractive architectural mesh screens for your gardening you can add a decorative touch to your place. We offer several options at your service.

    As each type of mesh construction serves a specific purpose, we offer high quality mesh screens to meet your end demands.

    Heanjia offers mesh screens in a wide variety of materials, we also supply a variety of roll widths and tailor made screens to your exact specifications. We ensure the accuracy irrespective of the complexity of mesh involved.

    Whether you are looking for mesh for fencing of your garden or landscaping architecture, our attractive screens can bring life to your project.

    From art pieces and decorative fencing, to root and rodent control, there is no end to the uses of wire mesh. We invite you to get in touch in discuss your project with our professional team.Expanded metal is one of the most versatile products in the wide range, offering durable transparency with high airflow and easy installation. With a wide range of materials and finishes and ongoing R & D, we continue to extend the range of expanded metal mesh products with an ever increasing spectrum of new and innovative wide band products for metal cladding and lighter mesh for screens and ceilings.

    Materials used for producing expanded metal screens are: Aluminum, stainless steel, copper.

    Expanded metals are lightweight and durable materials which are well known for use in architectural applications. These are corrosion and rust resistant screens offering excellent performance in diverse weather conditions. They can withstand almost all service conditions and are available at reasonable price. So contact Heanjia to receive a desired mesh screen for your architectural application.