WoW Classic Players Are Using Illicit Tools

  • October 20, 2020 12:06 AM PDT
    If you watch people play games on Twitch, or you read about them on
    websites, or you just awoke from a thousand-year slumber and the first
    thing anybody explained to you was the concept of “video games,” you’re
    probably aware that everybody’s going bonkers for WoW Classic right now.
    This has resulted in hours-long queue times on high-population servers.
    Players are, understandably, tired of dealing with them. Less
    understandably, some players are skirting the rules to get around the
    wait times.To get more news about [url=]cheap WoW Classic items[/url], you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Classic players have been reporting sightings of people using so-called
    “auto clicker” programs to automate click and key-press routines so
    that the game doesn’t log them out when they’re away from their
    keyboard. That way, they don’t have to leap back into the queue after,
    say, reassuring their families that they’re alive or ensuring that they
    stay that way by sleeping. Generally, these players’ characters move in
    simple, repeating patterns so as to throw off WoW’s detection software.
    The usage of these sorts of programs to automate multiple actions at
    once is technically against the rules in both regular WoW and WoW
    Classic, but these auto clicker programs remain easy to install and use.

    broader community does not like these players because they indirectly
    contribute to queue times by occupying space on servers. It is, however,
    impossible to gauge how much these players contribute to those wait
    times, and they’re likely a minority in the face of the sheer number of
    regular people who just want to get through the queue and play the
    ancient MMO the old-fashioned way. Also, it should be noted that
    Blizzard “substantially” increased the number of players capable of
    occupying the same server yesterday, which has minimized the queue issue
    on many servers. Popular ones, however, still have lengthy queues.

    players have also attempted to use WoW’s built-in auto-run feature to
    avoid getting the unceremonious boot, which means they end up
    adventure-sprinting face-first into the same rock or wall for minutes at
    a time. Unfortunately for them, WoW still counts this as being AFK, so
    these players mostly just look really funny.

    Lastly, special
    credit goes to longtime mega-guild Method, whose members have realized
    that cold, mechanical automation is no substitute for determined,
    red-blooded workers. I’m referring to the fact that, as part of their
    big “Race To World First” event in Las Vegas, the guild has a guy who
    runs around and periodically presses the spacebar on AFK players’
    keyboards so they don’t get disconnected. This is effective and probably
    not against the rules. So if you really, really want to stay logged
    into WoW Classic, there’s your solution: find a guy.
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