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    June 18, 2019
    Different types of body bolts, their performance and application
    Here are some of the most common body bolt types and their properties and application areas:

    Round head, ribbed neck: These body bolts are made of low carbon steel. These types of body bolts have serrated or ribbed shoulders and have rounded ends. They are mainly used in soft and tough metals, plastics and wood.
    Round head, short neck: These bolts have a round head and a short, square shoulder. They have a uniform pitch and are usually made of mild steel or medium carbon steel. The short neck of these bolts makes them suitable for use with sheet metal because the standard size neck creates obstacles.
    Flat heads, square necks: As the name suggests, they have flat heads that have a lower profile on the top or front side of the fastener than a round head bolt. These types of passenger car fasteners are designed for the garage door industry. However, they can also be used in other applications.
    Fin neck: Fin neck bracket fasteners are most commonly made of low carbon steel. These fasteners have a rounded head and a flat bearing surface. The bearing faces of these bolts are at an angle of 90 to the shank. The fin neck bolts are mainly used for thin plywood.
    This is everything you need to know about these very useful fastener types. Would you like to know more about these fasteners? Are you interested in buying these frame bolts? Then, if your answer to both questions is “yes”, then choosing a professional [u]Carriage Bolt Manufacturer[/u] – Yi Hui is a good choice.