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  • Acrylic is a kind of pure plexiglass, strong, tough, and very light compared with glass.
  • 11/15/19 at 4:00 PM -
    8/31/20 at 1:00 AM
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  • mi le (owner) Large acrylic fish tank is a common decoration project in some companies, hotels, especially entertainment facilities. Its production cycle and cost are slightly larger. According to the characteristics of large acrylic aquarium cylinder, what should aquarium engineers pay attention to when making and installing the cylinder? So how do we install the large acrylic fish tank? 1. According to the design of acrylic aquarium, acrylic plates can be heat bent, spliced, waterproof with reinforced concrete and steel structure, and then structurally installed with silicone structural adhesive. 2. U-shaped /L-shaped notches are generally adopted for concrete and steel structure notches, and acrylic plates are inserted into 10-50cm (the thickness of the plates and the depth of the inserted acrylic plates shall be calculated according to the size of the water volume on site and the water level line of the fish tank). 3. The notch is sealed with waterproof and silicone structural adhesive to prevent the water in the cylinder body from leaking. The acrylic cylinder body is fixed in concrete or steel structure. And a better elastic space is kept at the sealing part. 4. The height of reinforced concrete or steel structure and the thickness of the wall must be designed according to the site engineering building standards. The exterior is decorated with various stone and wood materials to achieve the overall beauty of the fish tank. 5. The fixing method of acrylic cylinder body is generally frame fixing or three-sided fixing, which is completed according to the design. 6. Attention must be paid to the following problems: the construction of notches must be carried out in strict accordance with the installation method of acrylic plates, and the surface of reinforced concrete cannot be leveled with cement, which will have a negative effect on the waterproof of fish tanks. 7. Reinforced concrete or steel structure shall be waterproof with glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and other waterproof materials shall be waterproof with three cloths and five coats. 8. Small and important details that must be paid attention to: ensure that all the epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth in the fish tank contacting the water surface are covered without any dead corners, especially the corners must be well waterproof. For more information, please click here:https://www.jmacrylic.com/