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  • In the bicycle operation, the sprocket and the chain together form the transmission structure. When the tool from the chain and the chain assists the vibration to drive the sprocket and the chain, since the sprocket is mostly circular and jagged, the larger the driving sprocket is. The faster the speed of riding, the more labor-saving. The smaller the driving sprocket, the slower and more difficult the riding speed of the bicycle. Therefore, the more the number of teeth of the sprocket, the higher the requirement of the chain to meet its accuracy. When some conditions are not met, some problems may occur. Maintaining the proper tension of the chain will help the even rotation of the working sprocket. However, sometimes the chain or sprocket will wear or even be damaged. Then the Driving chain manufacturer(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/driving-chain/
    tells you what to do after the chain wears out.

    The sprocket yaw is also a common problem. When the chain is worn, it will continue to be used. The sprocket will be subjected to the wear state of the chain. If the chain is broken for a long time, the sleeve roller chain will open. The wear and tear off, or the direction of the opening of the connector clip is reversed, and the hook chain is worn or reversed, which will cause the chain and the sprocket to be used. In order to prevent this fault, it is necessary to make the sprocket in the same transmission circuit in the same plane of rotation, often check the wear of the chain, repair and replace it in time, and also need to use personnel for long-term cleaning and lubrication to ensure wear. The situation is controlled to a minimum.

    The wear or yaw of the sprocket may be caused by looseness of a certain machine or part. Carefully observe the transmission relationship between the cover and the clamping action, and find that it is driven by the chain. Manually reverse the chain and sprocket and find that the sprocket has a circumferential movement on the shaft. Loosen the sprocket set screw and adjust the cover transport time by the hand truck. Then tighten the set screw after correct.

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