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  • Rice is a kind of crop with a very large planting area in China. The harvesting and processing of rice requires the help of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG)
    equipment. Otherwise, the large-scale planting and the efficiency of artificial harvesting will directly affect our economic benefits. China's rice huller equipment process uses a mixed peeling and de-emergence process, which can simultaneously produce low-fat rice bran and rice flour rice skin of different particle sizes. The necessities of processing enterprises that use rice as raw materials are also the best food for urban residents to eat fine grains and improve their lives.

    1. Because the lubrication effect of the rice huller equipment is not enough, the friction frequency is increased, it is inevitable that high temperature phenomenon will occur, and reasonable lubrication and sealing can ensure the normal operation of the rice huller equipment. At the same time, good maintenance of rice huller equipment can make its life longer and save production costs.

    2. The main purpose of the rolling distance adjustment is that the stripping rate of the equipment meets the process requirements. Maintenance and maintenance of processing equipment can often improve economic efficiency. When rice huller equipment is in operation, it often leaves some impurities in the dead corners, and these impurities become very difficult to clean. These impurities can cause increased wear on the rice huller equipment and can also result in a decline in the quality of the processed flour of the processing equipment.

    3. Enterprises should produce high-quality equipment to ensure the safety of consumers in use and operation, so that consumers can feel at ease; at the same time, it also requires the equipment to be improved in service life, easy to operate and maintain. Reduce equipment maintenance time as much as possible, reduce long-term operating costs, and make good after-sales. The overall quality of the equipment can be guaranteed, the cost can be compressed as much as possible, and simple and efficient mechanical equipment can be produced. Only in this way can the overall level of the entire equipment industry be improved.

    4. Do the lubrication and sealing work of rice huller equipment, so as to ensure that the rice huller equipment does not have high temperature. It is very important to choose a factory-produced equipment. Among many manufacturers, choose their products to make people Relieved. In recent years, the continuous innovation and development of rice huller equipment has not only made the value of rice to the greatest extent, but also satisfied people's various needs for processing finished rice. The role played by our daily life is becoming more and more important.

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