Swaraj 855 Price in India - Tractorgyan


One of the most popular tractors in India is the Swaraj 855. It is a large tractor that has a strong 4-cylinder engine that generates 55 HP. It is one of the most cost-effective tractors in its class and has a low fuel consumption rate. The Swaraj 855 has many amenities, including an air-conditioned high-end cabin, an oil-immersed brake system, an adjustable rear linkage, and a reverse gear. It is appropriate for both light and heavy applications and has a sturdy build quality. Farmers that grow grapes and orchards should choose it as well. The Swaraj 855 has a variety of attachments that can be added to it such as a rotavator, cultivator, plow, harrow, loader, and more. It is easy to operate and maintain and has a long life.

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