High quality bottle cap torque tester manufacturer in India


Presto offers a complete range of Bottle Cap Torque Tester from analog to digital motorized torque testers. The use of continuous threaded caps in the PET bottle industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to the fact that they provide a more secure seal than traditional screw-on caps, which can be easily removed. Continuous threaded caps are also easier to apply and remove, making them a more convenient option for consumers, but what if these CT caps have a loose bond with the body of the PET bottle and can easily get opened up? The contents inside the bottles will be spilled which would lead to damage to the product. Thus, it is important for the PET bottle manufacturer to test the torque ability of these bottles with the use of the right torque testing machine. Presto offers highly advanced torque testing equipment digital model that can easily test the opening strength of PET bottles when torque will be applied to them.

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