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In the PET bottle industry, manufacturers keep a check on leakage and other factors that will make or demolish their products. The Hot Wire Cutter can easily be used to cut the PET bottles perfectly in the PET & Preform industry. The device is uniquely designed to make simpler the job of bottle cutting and to make the production procedure responsive and productive. Hence, the device is widely used to analyze the quality of the PET bottles. The Bottle Cutting Machine is equipped with an adjustable bottle finish holder to hold the extensive array of finishes which excludes the requirement other tools. Also, the adjustable holder of the machine appropriately holds the bottles in a defined manner to cut the bottles appropriately. To know more about the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, or want to conduct a FREE sample testing session, then give us a call at  +91 9210903903 or email them at You will get instant information about your queries.

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